Data Engineering

Making the data ready for AI & ML
Data Engineering Services


reason why ML projects fail is using data that is not ML-ready

Our Data Engineering Approach

When you fail to recognize the advances in data management, you’re left with legacy tools, high costs, poorly developed staff, and ultimately slower business growth. How you build your data systems matters. Our approach helps our customers establish an efficient data system to support AI & ML development.

Data Engineering Services

Data Ingestion

  • Capture
  • Move
  • Stream

Data Engineering Services

Data Engineering

  • Cleanse
  • Conform
  • Transform
  • Enrich

Data Engineering Services

Data Stewardship

  • Store
  • Secure
  • Govern
  • Tag

Data Engineering Services

Data Science

  • Model
  • Score
  • Enrich
  • Predict

Data Engineering Services

Data Analytics

  • Bl
  • Online
  • APIs

Data is Software Engineering

Proper source control and build-process automation make it faster and cheaper to deliver and maintain your code (yes, even SQL).

Iterative Approach

The implementation of continuous feedback loops during AI & ML development ensures that your business needs are met and that progress is kept on track.


Using people or automation can solve data problems. By preventing human error and repeatability, automation wins.

Data Engineering Services

Build to Operate

Getting proactive with problem-solving requires monitoring and logging operational visibility.

Data Engineering Services

Use Specialists

The world of data technologies is both broad and deep. Theory doesn't translate to the real world; expertise and experience do.

Data Engineering Services

Computing resources and data are needed to run machine learning models. Data issues such as poor quality and lack of production readiness continue to remain major hurdles in different stages of planning and adopting an AI strategy. Every customer’s data landscape is unique and our data engineering solutions look at individual customers’ situations to make their AI journey successful.



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Data Flow Apps


Big Data

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Our Capabilities

Data Engineering Services

Data Ingestion

Data Engineering Services
We create systems for collecting, processing, studying, collating, and storing data in an aggregate location.

Data Pipelines

Data Engineering Services
Data pipelines are analyzed and tested to ensure accuracy, scalability, and data system security.
Data Engineering Services
Data Engineering Services

Data Lakes

Data Engineering Services
The date lake is all about having a central repository of data and we design one that’s most comfortable to use and enable efficiet data operations.

Data Modernization

Data Engineering Services
We migrate data sitting in legacy and on-premise to cloud-native platforms. Modernizing your data infrastructure brings agility and scale and reduces the cost of operation.
Data Engineering Services

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